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Panorama Dance Extravaganza

Panorama Dance Extravaganza

Competition and team activities can enhance learning and performance skills for everyone involved!

Here are 4 reasons to compete!

  • Students get exposure to other dance genres and choreography they may not generally see.  They also have the opportunity to receive constructive criticism from respected professionals in the dance world.
  • Gives the opportunity to perform more than once. Kids can become more accustomed to the stage and being in front of an audience, where they may not get a chance to experience this kind of vulnerability on a regular basis.
  • Competing teaches hard work and discipline. Students learn what it means to be consistent in both their lives and classrooms.
  • It teaches students to strive to be the best they can be and allows them to see positive outcomes to their hard work

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The reason we LOVE Panorama is because we heard it was a family and now being at Panorama ; we have come to know it as our dance family. Whether you are recreational, competitive or an occasional class dancer; we feel that we are treated the same way, as family and we are important. The teachers make a point of keeping the parents informed of what is happening at the studio; whether through notes, email, or conversation. It's greatly appreciated.
The classes are organized, relevant, and professional. The finale show is themed, professionally organized, fun, and showcases the dancers talents and skills that they have learned throughout the year. As a family, we love to look ahead to the next year and see what my children will be learning in the next level. The costumes are always exciting to have and are wonderfully age appropriate.
We have made great friendships with other parents and dancers; friendships that I am positive will last a lifetime.
We are pleased and proud to be a part of Panorama Dance.

About Panorama School of Dance

Panorama School of Dance has been teaching children to dance in Surrey and Delta for over 30 years. Our first students are now coming back with their own children! This is an amazing sight to see and a testament to the unique experience that these young mothers remember from their childhood.

Panorama not only teaches children how to dance, but promotes personal development, poise, self-confidence, health and fitness. Throughout the years we have grown from a small local church studio with a dozen students to a dance school with 2 locations including 6 studios and over 500 families. Through this growth, the personal touch has not been lost.