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At Panorama School of Dance we enhance our student’s education through the highly respected Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) graded and vocational examinations. The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organizations in the world with more than 13,000 members spread across 79 countries.

The examination syllabus is taught to more than a quarter of a million students around the globe and is one of the most widely used classical ballet syllabi in professional academies and college dance programs throughout Canada and the United States. Participation in the RAD Exam system is possible only through officially registered and certified RAD teachers and schools.

Upon the teacher’s assessment to ensure optimal progress, our students are given the option to prepare for graded or vocational examinations.  Graded syllabus starts at the Pre-Primary level (approx. age 6) and follows through Primary, then Grade 1 to Grade 8.  The graded exam session typically takes place at the studio in late February to early March.  Participating students must be confirmed prior to late November and no changes or cancellations can be made after that time without a doctor’s note being received. 
Teachers prepare for the students for the exam with a mock exam in January.  This is set up like an exam, but with the teachers as the ‘examiner’.  Students receive a report showing their progress at that time in various syllabus exercises. This is a great opportunity for both teacher and student to see what needs to be worked on in the weeks leading up to the exam.

The Vocational syllabus begins at the Intermediate Foundation level (approx. age 10 – 12), through to Advanced 2, then Solo Seal for the very dedicated dancer looking for a career as a professional ballerina. The vocational syllabus is technically demanding and comprises only Classical Ballet and Pointe Work. Students choosing to study this series of awards are required to be competent in the fundamentals of ballet technique and movement vocabulary.  *Please be advised that students participating in the Vocational levels will continue classes until mid July, which is after our regular session has finished.  Often, the Vocational students will be entered into the summer session of Exams, which generally run from mid July, through the first week of August.

Panorama is pleased to offer this opportunity to the students who are ready to succeed in the exam process.

Exam results are sent to the studio 6 – 8 weeks after the session has been completed.



"One the best decisions I've ever made as a parent is putting my kids in dance at Panorama 8 years ago. Over the years, I've watched my children become confident dancers who possess a sense of self-esteem that can only come from caring and supportive teachers. I'm proud to say that Panorama has played a pivotal role in helping my children to achieve their best."

About Panorama School of Dance

Panorama School of Dance has been teaching children to dance in Surrey and Delta for over 30 years. Our first students are now coming back with their own children! This is an amazing sight to see and a testament to the unique experience that these young mothers remember from their childhood.

Panorama not only teaches children how to dance, but promotes personal development, poise, self-confidence, health and fitness. Throughout the years we have grown from a small local church studio with a dozen students to a dance school with 2 locations including 6 studios and over 500 families. Through this growth, the personal touch has not been lost.