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NO, competitions are becoming increasingly competitive as the skill level of dancers continues to grow.  The dance world has exploded over the past few years and dance training has become more rigorous and demanding in order for students to achieve the required level of skill to be successful in the competitive environment.  Each Spring dancer must audition for a spot on the competition team.  All dancer’s must be taking ballet in order to audition for the competition team. Dancers who do not take the art seriously, are not willing to practice independently and do not cope well in stressful environments should not participate in competitions.  All competition dancers must have their accounts in good standing.

Yes, it is recommended that students do no more than 3 solos. There are circumstances where students may be able to handle the increased demand required for the preparation to compete and a further dance may be entered. Please consult with the studio regarding your individual circumstance.  All students must be enrolled in competition groups in order to do solo/duo work.

All group routines will be entered in 4 competitions.  All group dancers are responsible for entry fees for competitions.  Entry fees will be processed automatically through JR accounts on October 15th.

The studio will decide in September which competitions they are participating in. Each year we try to enter in as many Surrey based competitions that we can, however, competition dates need to be considered against other studio events (RAD mock and regular exams, dance extravaganza, etc.) and studio closures.

This at times means we need to travel for competitions to other areas of the Lower Mainland.

NOTE: All competition choreography and entry fees are NON REFUNDABLE.

Yes, however entries into studio-supported competitions will be completed prior to any requests for entries to other events. The studio will provide teacher coverage to assist students on stage at the studio supported events and teachers are not required to participate in competitions outside of those chosen by the studio for the year.

Parents hold the responsibility for supporting dancers (warm-up, playing music etc.) at any extra competitions they have chosen to register in. All additional competition entries will be charged a $10 administration fee.

All competitions level the dancers differently. Generally, the principles applied are age, years of dance, hours of dance per week, and the number of dance styles being taken. We are not able to enter dances at levels lower than what the criteria for the competition outlines.

All dancers fitting the same criteria will compete at the same level. False entries can result in studio disqualification from the competition. Please note that errors/omissions do occur and it is your responsibility to check the schedule closely when posted. Please notify the office immediately if your dancer’s entry is incorrect.