An introduction to movement, our Leap ‘N Learn classes teach children the basics of classroom behaviour and manners, which include learning how to take turns, following another dancer, or leading the way, waiting patiently, working together with others and having a positive attitude.

Designed by master teacher Beverly Spell and expert child psychologist Dr. Annie Spell, the Leap ‘N Learn program combines the healthiest practices for teaching children ballet technique, while simultaneously encouraging pretend play amongst the youngest students to maintain a positive and nurturing environment.

By capitalizing on the naturally occurring cognitive and neurological development of younger children, the Leap ‘N Learn program provides tools and shares knowledge necessary for the creation of a successful learning environment. Through an appreciation and utilization of natural development, students in a Leap ‘N Learn program will acquire motor, cognitive, and social skills beneficial for life.

Leap ’N Learn was developed and written based on how children process information. Leap ‘N Learn teaches children the basics of classroom behaviour and manners. These skills can help shape your child’s future and teaches fundamental skills such as taking turns, following another dancer, leading a dance, patience, teamwork, and having a positive attitude.

Panorama School of Dance has been offering dance classes in Surrey for over 35 years. Our experienced and friendly staff make our classes an activity that students truly look forward to attending.

Getting your child enrolled in one of our Leap N’ Learn dance classes is incredibly easy. You have the option of registering your child online within a few minutes from the list below. Simply select the location at which you would like your child to be enrolled in and the level they fall under.

If you have questions regarding our Leap N’ Learn dance program, or any other questions regarding our dance school feel free to call us at (604) 599-9351 (Ridge Studio) or (604) 599-4011 (Fleetwood Studio).

Progression Chart

Registration will open on Sunday May 9th, 2021.

NEW CLASS *Ballet Pearl 1 & 2 B (2 openings)

Saturdays at Ridge from 12:00pm-12:45pm (3 - 5yrs)

Jan 8th-Mar 12th

Leap N' Learn 3 & 4's Join this class for a 10 week session ($150)!This introductory class encourages creativity, self expression, and fundamental movement skills. Pretend play amongst the youngest students to maintain a positive and fun environment. Each child is sure to light up while dancing in our pre-school classes! Please note there is No registration fee and class is Non-refundable

There are no classes available right now