All practicing, aspiring, and returning dancers are invited to explore and practice the fundamentals of technique, creation, and expression with our Adult dance class! 

Starting this fall every Friday night 6:15-7:30 dancers are welcomed to join Kaitlyn in Increasing strength, improving coordination, building community and having fun learning the foundations of a variety of dance styles. Every 6-8 weeks the genre of the class will shift! Allowing for opportunities to delve deeper into concepts for a consistent period of time, while also allowing for a short trial if this is something completely new! 

Our first Adult Dance Class session of 2024 will be BALLET! Dancers will begin class at the barre learning the fundamentals of ballet technique, focussing on turnout, core strength, flexibility and posture. The class will then transition into the centre where small jumps, port de bras and alignment will get the heart rate up and stamina building. Dancers will end class by going across the floor with small combos to encourage fluid movement and travel. This class will leave you feeling taller, more graceful and stronger!

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Our Classes

Panorama Dance offers a wide variety of dance classes for kids in Surrey, BC and the surrounding areas.

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Dance Styles We Offer

Panorama Dance offers a wide variety of dance classes for kids in Surrey, BC and the surrounding areas. We have changed the way we group our classes and we now group them by age. Click on a color below to learn more about that class.

Ballet Dance Classes

Ballet is an art form created by the movement of the human body.

Leap N' Learn Dance Classes

Leap N’ Learn is our specially designed early childhood dance program.

Hip Hop Dance Classes

A style of dancing that is much less structured than other dance forms.

Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz is a form of dance that showcases a dancer’s individual style and originality.

Lyrical Jazz Dance Classes

Lyrical Jazz is a combination of ballet and jazz technique performed to softer, slower music.

Contemporary Dance Classes

A style of dance that has the power and technique of ballet, with freer expression.

Adult Dance Classes

Why should kids be the only ones to have fun with dance?

Tap Dance Classes

A style of dance where performers wear shoes that contain metal plates

PYC Classes

Pre-professional youth dance company with aims to teach the qualities needed to be part of a professional company or organization.

Stage Dance Classes

A form of theatrical performance that combines jazz dance with acting and song.

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