Panorama School of Dance will open for classes on Monday, January 3rd.

To help us have a great, healthy start to 2022  (January 3rd) we will be enhancing our already robust plan with…
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing measures
  • Promoting social distancing
  • ensuring proper mask wearing for all students and staff 5 & older
  • opening doors and windows more for increased ventilation whenever possible.
Clarification of the new ruling for closing of Dance Studios apply to adult dance and fitness ONLY.

Please refer at our Covid-19 Protocols we have in place for our Dance Season Sept 2021.
Covid 19 Protocols 2021_2022 PSOD

If you’d like information about our 21/22 dance classes, please email us at [email protected]

New 20/21 Testimonials
My daughter, Emma, had ballet and jazz last night and I wanted to let you know how safe she felt going into your studio. She said she sanitized before she went in and had her own little square. She had to change between classes and she said the teachers helped her by directing her but did not touch her due to covid. She also said the floors were cleaned between classes.
I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done to make us feel safe!’

“Thank you for setting everything up for Covid and stuff I really am excited to be back in class and thank you for making it safe!”

Just wanted to send a big thank you to you and your whole team for all the work and planning that has gone into making sure the students can return to the studio.  I so appreciate all the thought put into arranging different entrances to each studio (including adding another studio space!), the cleaning protocols, the helping teachers that are there to greet the little ones and help them into class, the spaces on the floor for each student, and on and on.  My girls are so, so thankful to be back in their classes with their teachers and friends.  And even though things are a bit different at the studio, just being back has added some normalcy back into their lives:) I know that you all spent countless hours making sure you had the best plans in place – so thank you!  We sure feel blessed to have the girls at such a wonderful studio.

Please pass along our thanks to all the teachers and staff!”  Jada Sawatzky

Panorama School of Dance Inc. is recognized as a leader in quality performing Arts providing a structured and nurturing environment.  We facilitate personal development in areas of dance education, self-confidence as well as physical and emotional well-being.

Our training programs are innovatively designed and provide creative and progressive training techniques with qualified dance teachers that will promote artistic growth in each student.

Our school will operate with integrity and respect of all others, encourage continuous improvement, foster teamwork and create a balance of attention to work and personal life issues

Our Classes

Panorama Dance offers a wide variety of dance classes for kids in Surrey, BC and the surrounding areas.

Our Story

Panorama School of Dance has been teaching children to dance in Surrey, Delta, White Rock, and Langley for 39 years. Our first students are now coming back to us with their own children!

Panorama not only teaches children how to dance, but also promotes personal development, poise, self-confidence, health and fitness. Through the years we have grown from a small studio with a dozen students, taking classes in a local church, to a dance school with 2 locations including 7 studios and over 500 families.

Through this growth, the personal touch has not been lost, the student still know and love studio director “Miss Lisa” and many life long friendships have been borne.

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Dance Styles We Offer

Panorama Dance offers a wide variety of dance classes for kids in Surrey, BC and the surrounding areas. We have changed the way we group our classes and we now group them by age. Click on a color below to learn more about that class.

Ballet Dance Classes

Ballet is an art form created by the movement of the human body.

Leap N' Learn Dance Classes

Leap N’ Learn is our specially designed early childhood dance program.

Hip Hop Dance Classes

A style of dancing that is much less structured than other dance forms.

Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz is a form of dance that showcases a dancer’s individual style and originality.

Lyrical Jazz Dance Classes

Lyrical Jazz is a combination of ballet and jazz technique performed to softer, slower music.

Contemporary Dance Classes

A style of dance that has the power and technique of ballet, with freer expression.

Stage Dance Classes

A form of theatrical performance that combines jazz dance with acting and song.

June Dance Classes

All the classes that we will be offering in the month of June

Summer Dance Classes

Summer at Panorama has lots of dance options for your child this year!

Adult Dance Classes

Why should kids be the only ones to have fun with dance?

Tap Dance Classes

A style of dance where performers wear shoes that contain metal plates

PYC Classes

Pre-professional youth dance company with aims to teach the qualities needed to be part of a professional company or organization.