At some point in every little girl’s life she dons the pink tutu, ballet slippers and takes to the stage. For Kaitlyn Zarin and Alex Kolarcik, center stage has always been the ultimate goal. Dance as a career entails an extraordinary high level of commitment and passion, along with extensive periods of training- but what some may find daunting only acts as motivation for these girls to continue on the path to professional careers.

Kaitlyn Zarin

This summer Kaitlyn will be attending the Joffrey Ballet Company's Contemporary summer intensive​ in New York City. After auditioning in January of 2016, she was accepted into their program and will continue training with this once in a lifetime opportunity.

kaitlynAt the age of 3 Kaitlyn was enrolled into her first dance class. Her family always knew that dancing was her main passion. Her determined and focused drive is not only present in the studio, but also translates into her schoolwork and grades. Kaitlyn has managed to maintain honor roll status all while keeping up with her hectic schedule. Her mother Lisa believes that the extreme focus that is required in the studio has also aided in her impressive academic achievements.

Kaitlyn’s lists of accomplishments are notable. She was a member of team Canada and went off to compete in Poland for the championships in which their ballet team placed second in the world. Not only does she excel at ballet but Kaitlyn is rounded in other genres of dance – with a love for contemporary. Kaitlyn hopes to continue working towards a professional career and has aspirations to be on Broadway. She hopes to one day be a choreographer or own a studio where she can continue to share her passion with others.

We have no doubt that Kaitlyn’s future is a promising one and that with her hard work and dedication her dream will become reality. 


Alex Kolarcik

Alex will be continuing her dance journey this summer at the Alberta Ballet and will stay on to study throughout the year. Since the age of 3 Alex has known that being a professional dancer was the only option for her. Alex had surprised her mother when she took interest in ballet. The structure was new for her, but Alex loved the discipline that came with it. After she began to compete, Alex transitioned from group to solo’s where her love for the stage continued to grow.

She has many successes’ in her short dance career. Alex auditioned for the The Royal City Youth Ballet Company and got a role in their production The Nutcracker. After her first year with the Youth Company had completed, she set off for bigger heights and auditioned again – landing the main roles (Rose, Sugar Plum Fairy, Ice Queen) in the show.

alexnnnnIt was at that moment Alex realized dancing was her only option. Her mother Sandra recalls the time Alex expressed her dream while driving home after a Nutcracker practice​. 

Grade 10 seemed to be the year her dancing shifted, her mental desire and physical training had come together as one. She had taken her Royal Academy exams and passed with distiction where she was invited to complete the solo seal. After having offers from schools abroad, Alex accepted a spot with the Alberta Ballet.

Alex's favorite dancer is Misty Copeland, principal ballerina with American Ballet Theatre.  She also follows Dusty Button, dancer with Boston Ballet. They both display dedication which motivates her in her studies. We wish Alex the best of luck!


Student's of the Month

Teaching Bianca is always one of the highlights of my week. She never fails

Panorama Dance Extravaganza

Panorama Dance Extravaganza

Competition and team activities can enhance learning and performance skills for everyone involved!

Here are 4 reasons to compete!

  • Students get exposure to other dance genres and choreography they may not generally see.  They also have the opportunity to receive constructive criticism from respected professionals in the dance world.
  • Gives the opportunity to perform more than once. Kids can become more accustomed to the stage and being in front of an audience, where they may not get a chance to experience this kind of vulnerability on a regular basis.
  • Competing teaches hard work and discipline. Students learn what it means to be consistent in both their lives and classrooms.
  • It teaches students to strive to be the best they can be and allows them to see positive outcomes to their hard work

February has passed and our students of the month are here! Check out our lovely students and what they have accomplished!




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We are proud to present Leya and McKenna as the Students of the Month. Congratulations girls, keep up the good work!


Some of our students had the pleasure of attending the Youth American Grand Prix competition in Seattle, which is one of the largest global networks for dance!

We are so proud of our students. We would also like to congratulate our Jazz teacher Joshua Haban. He won an award for Best Contemporary Choreography!

Great job team!

Pictured below: Elyse Disher, Kate Ahara, Ashley Rizzo, Alex Vido, Kaitlyn Zarin and Alex Kolarcik.







Meet Emma Salisbury, a vivacious, talented dancer and student at Panorama School of Dance. Her talent is undeniable and her determination is uncanny. Emma’s dreams of becoming a professional dancer led her to Toronto to the National Ballet of Canada where she studied on scholarship for one year. This coming year she had planned to attend the Arts Umbrella to continue her professional dance training. However, Lupus struck and sent her into life threatening kidney failure.

Emma underwent chemotherapy to suppress her lupus symptoms, she remained positive through the process. Sadly after her first treatment, Emma suffered from a stroke causing paralysis on her left side. This threw Emma into unfamiliar territory as she was unable to walk, taking away her passion to dance. Emma spent weeks in ICU receiving treatment and is currently under analysis in an out-patient rehab therapy program, with treatments costing $4,000.

Ultimately therapists are working to regain movement in her left side with the hope that Emma will soon grace the stage with her presence.

Here is where you come in. Clare Materi, PSOD Fleetwood mom of long time dancer, Rowan, will be holding a fundraiser for Emma Salisbury at her fitness studio, Live2Play, in Cloverdale on Sunday, Nov. 15th.

Clare will be running four, 30 minute ‘jumping sessions’. Jumping is done on a personal size trampoline and is a low impact choreographed routine to upbeat music. For those who may be hesitant, the jumping classes will be at an introductory level and a lot of fun! The first session will begin at 11:00 and the last will begin at 12:30pm. Cost is $10. We are hoping to get support from the studio, and would love to see you all in attendance. Please feel free to encourage your friends and family to join as well. The more, the merrier.

Live2Play is located at #200 5858 176St. Please call Clare at 778-838-8349 to reserve your spot. Don’t hesitate, space is limited! For those who are unable to attend this event but are interested in supporting Emma in some form, you may visit her GoFund Me page and donate whatever you can towards helping with her treatments. Everything counts.

Lets help support Emma work back to her dream.

GoFund Me Page

Only 8 weeks til Christmas!! but until then, we have to get through the mostly wet month of November. Remembrance Day is Wednesday, November 11, and the studio will be closed, no classes running. If you are interested in ordering Purdy’s for your Christmas gift list, you have until Saturday, November 14 to place your order online and help support our scholarship fund. Orders will be ready for pick up at the Ridge studio on Thursday November 26.

We thank you in advance for taking part in this fundraiser. Stay tuned for Parent Viewing information. Viewing will start for 1/2 the classes the week of Nov. 30, the 2nd 1/2 of classes, the following week, Dec. 7. Schedule will be posted and your teacher will send out an email

There are many forms of dance, all of which are part of human culture, life and celebratory events. To most, dancing is seen as a form of self expression, a hobby or a fun way to pass time with friends, but dance also has many amazing benefits some may not be aware of.

Lets begin with education:

Becoming a skilled, trained dancer takes time, effort and extreme discipline. For those starting at a young age, focus can not only be applied in classes, but it can transpire into other avenues of ones life. Some studies show that children in dance tend to typically perform better in academics then their peers, and lets be honest.. who wouldn’t love to gain some extra smarts?

Other attributes dance can benefit include simple tasks, such as problem solving and engaging your memory. Applying multiple steps and movements into a sequence, such as a routine, challenges one to remember and engage in what has just been taught. This can also incorporate muscle memory.

Dancing is different then traditional athletic pass times. While some may not look at dance to be a sport, it is an extremely physical hobby that helps to build stamina, flexibility and coordination while also adding some extra moves in your back pocket!

Dancers tend to be more aware and in tune with their bodies. Many dances tend to form a storyline, or follow a mood – opening the idea to students that self expression and music can have a beneficial impact. Studies show that this can also lead to lowering anxiety and tension. I am sure we could all use a little less stress in our lives.

Social Aspects:

Being that dance is a highly social activity, dancers form reliable friendships through their classes. Trust also takes on a large role in a dancer’s world. Learning to trust and work together with classmates is a wonderful trait that can be built upon as years progress.

Dancers learn in a comfortable setting, where a common interest is shared, leading to supportive relationships and interactions. The possibilities are endless in the world of dance and making new friends is never a disappointing thing.