Recital Bundles (Costumes)

We are introducing a new ‘Recital Bundle Fee’.  This bundle will include recital costumes, recital t-shirt, and recital download.  This will eliminate the need to pay all costume deposits up front, and having the balances due at different times through the year. Your monthly costs will remain the same, allowing a more budget friendly dance year.
Recital costumes will not be handed out until they are paid for in full.  Costumes may include hair accessories, gloves or hats.  Shoes and tights are the responsibility of the students.

Please note that costumes are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-RETURNABLE

Panorama School of Dance is not responsible if costumes are not received in time for the recital due to outstanding payments.


Costume measuring begins in October, during scheduled class times. Each child will be measured in order to determine his or her proper costume size(s).


Although rare, alterations are sometimes needed after the costumes have been distributed.  Once costumes have been handed out, any alterations needed must be brought to the attention of office staff within 1 week.


Costumes will be distributed when all outstanding balances for the season (including tuition) are paid in full. To ensure that there are no costume problems, students should not wear their costumes, accessories, or tights prior to the photo session, dress rehearsal, or performance.


No refunds will be made if a parent or guardian withdraws a child from the school after costumes have been ordered and prior to the recital. Parent or guardians may pick up purchased costumes at the school at the time of general costume distribution and up to 15 days after the performance. Costumes not picked up after 15 days will be donated to charity.

Costume Care

We highly recommend that each student’s name be placed in his or her costumes, shoes, accessories, and tights. Place the costumes in a garment bag with your child’s name on the outside. Pack accessories in a clear plastic bag with your child’s name on the bag and on each item. Hats should be stored in a hatbox or similar container to prevent damage. Steam wrinkles from costumes prior to the dress rehearsal and the performance. Please do not wash costumes in your washing machine; dry clean them only (after the recital).

Costumes are always age-appropriate and of the highest quality possible.
We recommend that each student’s name be placed in his or her costumes, shoes, accessories, and tights.

TIPS: Costume Common Sense

Hang and press costumes before each performance.
Place your name in all costumes and shoes.
Always have a second pair of tights available.
Place costumes in a garment bag for travel.
Carry hats in a hatbox or container to prevent them from damage.