Born in Calgary AB.Heather fell in love with ballet as a child. Since then she has been dedicated
to learning all she can about the art form either by dancing it or through formal teacher

She is a graduate of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Teacher Training Program and Royal Academy
of Dance teacher training.
Heather has a well rounded knowledge of ballet styles having trained in English, Italian, &
Russian methods. She is a big fan of floor barre,, pre pointe strengthening, and injury

Heather has been teaching, choreographing, and entering students in ballet exams around the
world. She has taught in Ghana, West Africa, Malta and Cyprus as well as Canada.
An International career taught her that dancers are similar in their needs all over the
world.Learning from this has helped Heather define her classroom values centered around
sound safe technical training done with respect, patience, motivation, peer connection and
kindness. Heather believes in a safe environment that promotes belonging. students can then
thrive and excel. She likes to get to know her students and help them break through to higher

She loves the quote “Be better than who you were yesterday. Compare yourself to no one”
Heather is a former RPN, Psychiatric nurse , a RN, and a NICU Neonatology nurse.
Heather has been working in dance studios in the lower mainland for the past ten years. She is
very excited to be working at Panorama School of Dance.