Miss Sabrina is an accomplished performer who has traveled the world dancing. From the beauty of
the Mediterranean Sea to the cultural cuisine of Asia, the majestic waters of the South Pacific, and
the carefree sunshine of the Caribbean islands, Sabrina has had the pleasure of traveling the globe
while doing what she loves – dancing. Sabrina enjoyed renewed contracts with Princess Cruises for
five years, taking in the highlights of each place she traveled.

Sabrina has been training since the age of three under the direct guidance of Rori Bruschinsky at
Rori’s Dance Academy, with a vast background in various genres, including Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical,
Tap, Musical Theatre, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Modern, and Contemporary. In her early teens, Sabrina
completed the full extent of her Cecchetti Ballet Exams with Honours. Growing up as a competitive
dancer in BC has provided many opportunities for a successful dance career. One of Sabrina’s most
memorable moments was being chosen to represent Canada as one of only nine dancers in the
closing ceremonies at the Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy, where she performed with pop star
Avril Lavigne and Cirque Du Soleil. Since then, she has been part of many prestigious Olympic
events and is a regular cast member with Vancouver’s major production company Patrick Roberge
Productions (PRP Inc). Other highlights include the pleasure of working with such artists as Fefe
Dobson and Victoria Duffield.

Formerly a member of the Source Dance Company from Harbour Dance Center in Vancouver,
Sabrina has worked closely with Vancouver’s most inspiring choreographers. She recently was part
of the CW’s television series DC Legends of Tomorrow, directed by Kelly Konno has left Sabrina
feeling inspired and grateful to bring what she has learned to the studio.

Her multi-disciplinary training and professional experiences have built a strong foundation in her
classroom. Experiences such as attending The Dance Life Teacher Conference in Atlantic City with
Rhee Gold during the summer of 2019 have only increased her motivation and love for dance.
Sabrina designs her dance classes focusing on solid technique while providing engaging and
challenging lessons. She aims to create a comfortable environment where dancers can push
boundaries and be the best possible versions of themselves.

Sabrina has set the bar high for herself as she is currently in her third year studying her Degree in
Child and Youth Care Counselling, with a focus on Child Life Specialist, where she hopes to
someday work at BC’s Children’s Hospital.