Just wanted to send a big thank you to you and your whole team for all the work and planning that has gone into making sure the students can return to the studio. I so appreciate all the thought put into arranging different entrances to each studio (including adding another studio space!), the cleaning protocols, the helping teachers that are there to greet the little ones and help them into class, the spaces on the floor for each student, and on and on. My girls are so, so thankful to be back in their classes with their teachers and friends. And even though things are a bit different at the studio, just being back has added some normalcy back into their lives:) I know that you all spent countless hours making sure you had the best plans in place – so thank you! We sure feel blessed to have the girls at such a wonderful studio.

Please pass along our thanks to all the teachers and staff!

Thank you for setting everything up for Covid and stuff I really am excited to be back in class and thank you for making it safe!

My daughter, Emma, had ballet and jazz last night and I wanted to let you know how safe she felt going into your studio. She said she sanitized before she went in and had her own little square. She had to change between classes and she said the teachers helped her by directing her but did not touch her due to covid. She also said the floors were cleaned between classes.

I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done to make us feel safe!

It’s so hard to sum up how blessed our family feels about Panorama Dance in just a few words. Panorama Dance is like a second family and second home for our daughter, who has been dancing there for 7 years, and for us. The teachers care passionately for their students and invest their heart and soul into getting to know the students, delivering the classes and developing the choreography. I’m writing this review during the COVID closure and my heart is just bursting appreciation for all of the alternatives that Miss Lisa and her team have offered to us – phenomenal online dance classes, video check-ins, and stellar communication with the families. We love Panorama to bits and simply couldn’t imagine not having this studio as such an integral part of our lives.

Stephanie Vokey

Thank you for your support, dedication and love for all of your students and especially our daughter, Tyneshia Hobbs ❤️

Continuing classes online is providing the dancers with much needed opportunities to continue their passion, see their friends and teachers online and connect in a way that they miss and need so much right now. ❤️

We can’t thank you enough and look forward to in-studio class again when it’s safe to do so. Thank you ❤️ Carly Cohen, Sabrina Bhachu, Michelle Gisby Lauren O’Kell , Megan O’Grady, Alyssa Choroszewski, Chloe Choroszewski, Laura Choroszewski, Olivia Barbieri, Jessica Dow Pelzer, Sandi Licas, Kelsey O’Donnell, Ms. AJ , Heather Price  
Sarah Newton Sankovic and everyone else @ PSOD! ❤️

Lisa Brandt you have provided us with an amazing second family and we are very thankful ❤️

Stay safe, see you online and in class soon. 

Ms. Hobbs

This is my daughter’s 2nd year with PSOD. She absolutely loved her 1st year with Ms. Alyssa and would finish every class with huge smiles. I was thrilled to watch her dance in her first recital last season❤

Sunam Gill

This is our 5th year with Panorama and my daughter absolutely loves it! Amazingly skilled instructors, great exercise and lots of fun!

Jenny Gill

This is our first time with Panorama School of Dance and my daughter is absolutely loving ballet.

Rhe Paul

It’s Brielle’s third year and Panorama Dance made one of the biggest impressions in her life. Dance has become her her life now. I will not forget the time she joined the competition for the first time and at 7 we’ve seen how stressful it could be for her. We wanted to pull her out but she remained passionate and persevered until she got her first award. Thankful for Miss Jaimie for all the hard ❤

Kristine Hipol

It’s our 9th year with PSOD. My daughter loves ballet, so do I. (That’s why I attend the mom’s ballet class now?) Every year end show I can see her growth with her teachers and friends. I am waiting for her graduate dance! That’s my favorite memory every year!

Cassandra Hu

7 years and going strong. I can remember bringing Cadence to the “old studio” prior to the add on . What a great addition to the studio.

Linda Kelly

This is our family’s 8th year at Panorama and we love it here. I’ll never forget Alannah’s first recital. She tap-danced in Cowgirls with Miss Stacey and we’ve never looked back. Alannah’s photo still graces her dresser as a reminder of how far she has come.

Stephanie Reid Vokey

It’s our 3rd year. I think the recitals are my favorite memories. I love watching my daughter perform and love being amazed by the more experienced dancers. Loved the Thomas Crown Affair inspired tap routine last year.

Sharon Fraser

This is our 9th year with Panorama. We credit the studio, and its wonderful teachers and staff, with helping to instil confidence, flexibility (both physically and mentally), and a strong sense of character in our daughter. Sincerely cannot thank you enough!

Kerry Kilden Schwab

This is our 4th year at PSOD. My fave memory is the first day of ballet this year for my youngest Evangeline. She had to take last year off as she was diagnosed late with severe hip dysplasia (complete dislocation and no hip socket) and had to have a major hip reconstruction done. Seeing her being able to return to dance and seeing the excitement on her face was amazing!

Leah Podgurny

My girl has been dancing for years at Panorama. Her friends are also here enjoy their dancing time , busy and a lot fun! It’s a great school!

Nancy Wan

We joined this amazing dance family before Fleetwood went through their big expansion. Natalia has just started her 9th year at PSOD. Her first class was Leap and Learn 3 with Miss Carly and we are so grateful that she is back with her for Grade 4 Ballet this year. What started as a hobby is now Natalia’s biggest passion. There are so many favourite memories, but watching my little hound dog in Broadway Bound is something that I will never forget. I was so blown away by the calibre of the recital and the talented dancers!

Carrie Sharma

Thank you to all the staff at Panorama for another phenomenal production this year!  What a fabulous show. Thoroughly enjoyed it and was blown away once again.

Angela Akehurst

I had the pleasure of watching 3 of the 4 shows and they were all a thing of beauty.
The show was so visually appealing this year from the costumes to the backdrops to the lighting… and of course the dancing!
Thank you again for recognizing Lily’s efforts this year. She was over the moon 🙂

Lindsay Eldridge

My girls have been dancing with Panorama School of Dance for 7 years. The teachers and all staff are so caring and amazing! Ms. Lisa has been so supportive to my girls. You can really see that she was worked so hard to create such a wonderful team and environment. She’s an excellent role model for all girls. We just love her! The year end shows are truly beautiful! I highly recommend Panorama School of Dance!

Sandy Calogeros

Thank you for an excellently produced recital!!!!  So creative and beautifully tied all together.  It was a pleasure.  Well done.

Thank you , Sarah

SariJari Hudson-Kaufman

My daughter has been dancing since she was 3 years old at Panorama and is now 10 years old!

My daughter continues to grow as a dancer because of the professional teachers. We consider Panorama our dance family.

They offer RAD ballet certified teachers. They offer jazz, lyrical, tap, stage, contemporary, and hip hop dances.

The prices are very reasonable compared to other dance studios.

Naomi Jesson